November 10th, 2008

Beauty Queen

OOC: My Apologies

(I just want to apologize to everyone for becoming a complete phantom here. Not to get too personal or anything but we've had two deaths in the family this past month and my mom has still yet to get my lap top fixed. Those of you who I rp with know how long she has been saying that she will fix it and that she is a procrastinator in every sense of the word. She did "promise" me however that she will get it fixed this week or buy me another one on Saturday. Please keep your fingers crossed because I miss playing here sooooo bad not to mention the internet in general! It's like crack, you become addicted and then once you have it taken away you withdrawl.X_x Anyway, I apologize again for not being as active as I would love to be and for becoming a phantom roleplayer.That was never my intention and I hope you all can forgive me. Take care and I hope to talk to you all soon! (Like Saturday soonXD)


(Ps: My dad is so going to kill me once he realizes that I am using the internet on my phone to post thisXD)
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